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About Us

SeaStore is a unique idea for supply solution of marine industry. It is a concern of ‘Sea King Group’, which is complete marine platform for all marine requirements in one place from 2007. The idea of SeaStore is a breakthrough step in ship supply process. To eliminate all procurement issues like submission of quotation, assurance of quality, delivery of products, engagement of various parties for different type of products, consumption of time, transparency of procurements etc, SeaStore is an ideal substitution.

Procurement process of ship is always been a headache for ship owner or operators. That is because, there are a number of variety of requirements for a vessel. From spare parts to food provisions, from stores to navigational requirements, what is not required for a ship. There is no common market place, where all the products are available. Then procurement process itself is a complicated one. Asking for a quotation to receiving onboard, purchaser will have to go through a number of processes, which lead to harassments, unwanted consumption of time and compromise in quality. Moreover, transparency in this procurement had always been a question for ship owners/operators. Money, time, quality, satisfaction, guaranty of products etc are always at a steak which also lead the vessel operation at a complicacy. This is where Sea Store comes in.

Why SeaStore?
  • It is an ‘all in one’ marketplace for ship requirements. All the items are well categorized according to your necessity and its fortified with a powerful search engine to find an exact match for your requirements and other relative suggestions.
  • Easy to create orders, track orders and payments. Moreover, open-ended competitive price, variety of alternative options and transparent transection process will give an ultimate comfort in procurement. Different promotional offers and guaranty/warranty of products will definitely add your confidence with us.
  • For even more comprehensive orders, just drop your quotation in the ‘Upload RFQ’ section, and let us do the rest.
  • Use our 24/7 customer support service to ask any of your query or procurement issues using our dedicated phone number or live chat option.
  • There is always an easy return policy if any of the items are compromised with quality or requirements.
  • A number of easy payment modules for easy payment proceedings.
  • Along with regular brand-new products, SeaStore has a stock of reconditioned genuine items which could be an ideal replacement of your damaged equipment/spares. All the reconditioned items are genuine, collected from shipyard/scrapyard, reconditioned and quality tested. Other spares are directly collected from demolishing vessel’s spare parts store which are brand new and genuine products. Both the kinds allow you to get same genuine products but at a comfortable price but with the same genuine quality.
  • SeaStore opens the horizon of ship buying/selling/scrapping also. You can sell your vessel to parties who demolishes vessel in scrapyards. By-passing all unnecessary hassles of unions, societies or mediators, we are connecting to buyers directly for your ship. Simply fill up the required information and submit to us. We will offer you the best possible quote for your vessel.

Due to vendor and supply policy, SeaStore is currently limiting their supply in Reconditioned Machinery and Spare Parts in all ports of the world. Full supply option is offered only in all ports of Bangladesh. But in near future, we will spread all of our services all around the world.

SeaStore is certified with ISO and ISSA. We guaranty our quality and service through our products. Core satisfaction of our customers is motivating us thirst for growing bigger.


Sea King Maring Services Ltd.

SKMS was registered SRPS in department of shipping, Bangladesh in 2007. We complied MLC-2006 in 2013. The company was certified by "Bureau Vetitus (BV)" in 2013. The next year in 2014, SKMS was registered as a ISO 9001:2008 certified company by RINA. Main Strength of Sea King Marine Services Ltd lies in the blend of professionals, specialized and highly focused team. Increasing customer's awareness is the strength where it excels over its competitors.

Sea Tech Ltd.

Our sister concern company named Sea Tech Ltd takes care of the technical aspects. SeaTech began its journey as a part of Sea King Marine Services Limited in January 2009. Currently it is working as a company providing our customers all kinds of technical supports like mechanical repairs and maintenances, spare parts supply and other technical solutions on demand.

Sea Agency Ltd.

Sea Agency provides wide range of ship agency services to both local and international vessels calling in any port of Bangladesh. Our dedicated and professional team ensures that client’s vessels enter and exit in a port quickly and efficiently. Our team pay particular attention from pre-arrival to post departure to accurate and speedy communication in handling overall disbursement control...

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